Making every scientist happy with data, everyday!

Making every scientist happy with data, everyday!

Constellab™ is a product and brand of Gencovery SAS. Gencovery SAS was founded in 2020 in Lyon (France) with a single mission:

"Democratizing the use of data and artificial intelligence"

Constellab™ is therefore the incarnation of this vision to sustainably accelerate innovation in all life science areas to improve health and well-being.

Because, data increasingly plays a central role in various sectors of our society, we believe it is essential to foster the development of open technologies to democratically promote the learning and application of artificial intelligence. By doing so, we can empower individuals to create innovative services, while also working towards reducing social inequalities worldwide.

Gencovery is an independent private-owned company that raised from an initiative in the Technology Research Institute BIOASTER. The company is supported by local and national partners (SATT PULSALYS, LifeHubLyon, LyonBiopole, La Région Auvergne Rhone-Alpes, Bpifrance)

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